Sunday, October 11, 2009

We made it!

The Beverly Hillbillies finally made it to Cali.
We left Phoenix this morning and six hours and 350 miles of desert and mountains later we arrived in Ontario (and I drove most of it including the LA area traffic!) We traveled through some of the most beautiful parts of this country. I think the word in the car was just "WOW". If I were a better photographer I would still be out on that road taking pictures.
We finally got our first In-n-Out burger! Nobody warned me--it is a total zoo in there!!!!
Now we're resting up for tomorrow. Poor Leo has class for the next two days but I get to play! The hotel is adjacent to the mall so tomorrow is shopping for me.
(The pictures are One In-N-Out picture and one picture of the scenery from the hotel here in Ontario with a little smog included.)
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  1. Ahh, so nostalgic! Thanks for the pic of Ontario Mills. You do know we lived right up the road right?

  2. ha this is where I met you guys!!! we had an in-and-out burger when we got there... I was told SERVERAL times you HAVE to try one... i have to admit it was pretty good!!!

  3. We're getting In-N-Out in the Dallas area next year!!!!!!You'll have to come up here to get a burger.