Thursday, October 15, 2009


The air is clean; the sky was clear. At 7200 ft elevation the air is thin. Asthma sufferers might get a little short of breath with exertion. (I did use my inhaler before leaving the hotel.) When we got up the temp was 31 degrees but warmed up to a high of 71 degrees. Tomorrow it should be 34/74.

You can walk to the edge of the canyon. Some areas of the South Rim (Arizona side)can be only be reached by taking a free shuttle or hiking. Going down to the river would require hiking,mules or one of the jeep tours. Some of it can even be seen from one of the roads. You really don't have to pay for a tour. Unless you're daring and rich and would like a helicopter tour.

The skywalk is closer to Las Vegas and run by one of the Indian tribes. It is on tribal land and is 5 hours from Grand Canyon National Park.

Admission to the park is $25 per car. It would be cool to rent an RV and camp. There are lodges in the park but they are more expensive than staying in Tusayan--only 5 miles to the rim.

We have heard so many different languages--German,French,Japanese,Russian,Korean,Navaho,Spanish, Cajun and Texan LOL. We also met a couple from Alaska. They are Texas snowbirds. Can you believe they came to see The Canyon? They have Denali out their back door :-)

Tomorrow Albuquerque and Santa Rosa via Flagstaff (more Route 66!).
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  1. Love the pictures. Tell Leo we're all good, Mike made a speedy recovery. It's amazing that the temperature can change that much during the course of the day!