Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trip to the Canyon

After our breakfast with a couple of Razorbacks (One was even an ATU alumnus!) we headed for the canyon. After realizing our trip to The Canyon would be over 400 miles,we decided to skip the side trip to Vegas. We'll have to do that another time.

Of course it was raining when we left Ontario, but our first clue there would be a problem was the first "limited visibility possible in the pass" sign. To put it mildly it was pea soup. We could not see the mountains until we were right at them. I started to volunteer to drive but it would have bothered my DH even more than driving through it himself. Suddenly it was gone and the scene in front of us was amazing--truly heaven-sent. Another time on this trip that a scene could only be recreated on canvas. The colors of the southwest are truly amazing!

I drove the remainder of the trip to our hotel in Grand Canyon,AZ. For those of us who grew up on I-40, it is a magical moment when you take I-40 where it begins (I-15 goes on to Las Vegas). I-40 reminded me of a wide mountain road.

We saw more of Route 66 and stopped at Seligman,AZ. It's a cute little wide spot in the road and totally plays up the Route 66 history.

From Williams we took Hwy 64 up to the hotel. It's a 2-lane mountain road with occassional passind lanes. The limit is 65 and there aren't a lot of curves just a nice gradual climb to over 6000 ft elevation. The sky looks fake! It is so blue and the puffy clouds just don't look real. It looks close enough to touch. Once again a picture just will not capture this.

By the time we got checked in and settled in it was dinnertime and already dark so we'll start our visit to the South Rim tomorrow.

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