Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Stress Plan

I have made progress, BUT....

I am struggling.  Once again, but this time I am not giving up. Here are the issues

  • I am stressed.  
  • I am eating more.
  • I am not getting enough sleep.
Yes, they are all related, but I refuse to give in----AGAIN!!

Here's the plan

Get in the game:

  • Continue to journal my food and exercise

  • Continue going to the gym and commit to those home exercise sessions
  • Find a way to positively deal with the stress. Blog more, but some days I can't write eloquently enough to put my words on a public forum. 
  • Give up and go to bed. When you don't sleep it affects your hunger hormones (ghrelin) and the viciou cycle begins 

This a journey, a process.  I have to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. Wish me luck!