Monday, October 12, 2009


The weather held so far. Nice, cool and cloudy,but late in the day the clouds broke enough to see the bottom of the mountain. I don't have a camera that can get a good shot of it but trust me it was awesome--God is good!

OMG!! The Coach store was packed. There were some great deals (some 50%). People had so many purses they had to use the huge canvas bags that the store gives you to carry everything while you're shopping. They were buying purses to sell in Japan/China where there is no Coach outlet. Too many purses not enough$$$

Ontario Mills is Grapevine Mills with Allen Premium Outlet thrown in there. My feet hurt so bad I had to wear tennis shoes to dinner.

Dinner at Chevy's. I was so busy shopping that I forgot to eat lunch but I made up for it at dinner and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

We met a guy from Anchorage, Alaska who's here for the BMW classes. He and his wife rode their bikes from Indiana to Alaska 30 years ago and decided to relocate. There is one guy who rode his GS (one of the BMW motorcycles) from Albuquerque. There are two other guys and two girls from Texas so we are well represented.

Tomorrow I get to visit with my cousin Pat!

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