Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I had a great visit with my cousin Pat. She and her boyfriend drove an hour to get out to Ontario. Quite a feat for someone who gets carsick very easily. I really appreciate it!

After Pat's visit I had a little time before Leo's class would be done so I decided to go out and look for Wal-Mart (of course I would need a Wal-Mart). One of these days I will realize that the rest of the world is not populated by Super Wal-Mart and Super Target. Why are they not all Superstores????

The good part is that my little excursion took me to old Route 66 and a nice shopping area called Victoria Gardens. OK I didn't do more shopping BUT I did eat myself silly. There was a Sees candy store--my favorite. I also found Pinkberry--the Pachugo of frozen yogurt--YUM. (Today's pictures are from that area--Foothills Blvd in Rancho Cucamonga.)

We had a great time visiting with our new friends from Houston and Anchorage. Praying for a safe trip home for everyone.

Today we're heading back east in the rain. Once we leave the area heading east I think we'll be out of the rain. They've had a lot of accidents in LA because of the rain. (See people in Dallas aren't the only people that can't drive in the rain:-)

I have to plan another trip just for fun. There are a lot of things I didn't get a chance to see and do. Guess I'd better start saving my money. We also have to take a trip to Nashville soon.

Anyway on to The Canyon!

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