Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Trail

I don't consider myself a "nature" person. I don't go camping because I don't have an equipped travel-trailer. No tent for me. No outdoor potty--been there, done that. I must have electricity. I guess I'm a princess. I don't rough it.

That being said, I do enjoy my walks on the trail. When I round that little corner and I see the sun glistening on the lake, I'm in a different world. Even at mile 1.50-1.75 when I can see and hear the traffic, it seems so far away.

My sunflowers are gone. There are a few dead drying stalks left amid the prairie grasses and ragweed. It's a sure sign that fall is here and the trail is changing with the seasons.

I don't own an i-pod. I'll eventually buy one, but I can't imagine walking on this trail with music blasting in my ear, drowning out the natural sounds of the trail. The crickets and other insects that I can't see sing and chirp along the trail until I realize that their chorus has been replaced by the dancing song of the birds. I look up and they are dancing from tree to tree; some with their wings extended, soaring for longer distances. Then there was the rusting in the weeds. Is it a snake? A coyote? A fox? More than likely it's an insect or a squirrel getting ready for winter.

I never feel alone on this trail.  The butterflies were my escort today. One would had me off to another. I tried in vain to capture a picture of my escorts, but they were too nimble for me. When they weren't there, the grasshoppers were stationed along my walk; still, like soldiers waiting for me to pass.
I didn't want to time my walk today.  I spent a lot of time just messing around. I stopped to take these pictures, helped a couple of kids round up their dogs who were really enjoying the trail, and just enjoyed the walk myself. Now I'm back to the hustle and bustle of reality.  Maybe I should look at these pictures when I can't make it to the trail; and just for a few minutes be taken to a more peaceful place.

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