Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Week's Challenge

I just watched Christy's post for our Shrinkvivor Challenges this week. I am just not ready for the exposed movement, but I will make an effort to be more satisfied with my body.( I will post a picture, just not in the undies and no I don't and have never owned a bikini!) Once again the perfectionist demon from my earlier post raises his (yes, his) ugly little head, but I vow to press on! So, no more negative self-talk about my body.  If I receive a compliment, I will graciously say "Thank You".  The last time anyone said anything flattering to me, I didn't say, "Thank You" and I really don't even think that I even acknowledged it.  That was so incredibly rude and I apologize. I can't believe that I was so caught up in my "issues" that I didn't even say thank you.  Aaargh!

Two more things.  First, I lost two pounds this week!  The exchange thing is getting easier.  My challenge now is working out my meals now that I also have a part-time job.

Next, I survived my first day on the part-time job!  I'll like it.  We have classroom training before we go out on the floor. YEA!!

Wow, did I post twice in the same day.  It must have been the earthquake or the Chilean miners being rescued or the Rangers winning.  Take your pick!

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