Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh My Aching Back

 I am so frustrated with my attempts to workout.  Last week I only squeezed in one day, so this week was going to be better.  Well, "what happened was" I jumped in with both feet Monday.  I went to the gym even though the rest of my crew couldn't make it.  I did 32 minutes on the bike and 100 crunches.  Tuesday, I didn't make it. Wednesday, my back did not like the fact that I worked out Monday after slacking off for a week.  Now, several Aleve and several rounds of ice and heat later (and Biofreeze), I'll probably be out tomorrow also.  I didn't even get to do Zumba this week before my old  body wore out on me.  I'll never get the belly off with this back pain, but the back pain won't get better with the belly weight.  Good grief!

There were some good things that happened.  I did avoid the birthday cake this week. I substituted low-fat cinnamon graham crackers.  I am trying to cut the sugar as much as possible, so the graham crackers are better than regular cookies or cake.  Sunday, we fired up the grill and I scored "moneymaker" deals on salad, so it made dinners a "no-brainer". (I won't talk about Saturday's anniversary lunch at Abuelos.)

I also definitely know that things are so much easier to deal with when I've had my quiet time aka prayer and meditation.  Things just don't bug me quite as much.  I'm also leaning on the serenity prayer. I am a control freak and I have got to learn to let go of the stuff that I really have no control over and fix the things that I do have control over.  This will also be a baby steps process, but I'll eventually make it.

Oh yeah, I finally took down that Easter wallpaper. Now if I can figure out how to move my header so that the logo from the freebie wallpaper doesn't cover it up....

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