Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Baaack!

I've been gone too long.  I've let everything get in the way of my health. I kept saying that I would get back on track, but it didn't happen.  Now the move has been completed for a couple of months; so it's time to get the routine back.  I don't think I ever recovered from working a second job.  I just never managed to get my mojo back. One thing after another happened and I am more overweight and less fit than I was six months ago and definitely a year ago.

I have been going to the gym at lunch with my co-workers, but I have not been making it to my classes or walking a trail.  I've moved away from my favorite trail, so I need to check out the ones closer to my home, but with the 100+ degree temperatures, that really has not been an option. Last week  I went to Zumba at the gym that is closer to home and work.  I made it through the entire class.  I felt so out of shape that I really wondered if I would last.  I do a lot better in a class that doing weights or cardio using the machines.  I did try a spin bike, but I've gone back to the regular exercise bike.  It easier on my rear, I feel that I need to increase my endurance before I tackle a spin class.

No matter how much I exercise, my main problem is and has always been THE FOOD.  It just doesn't work if you eat your workout. In other words, I can't burn what I eat.  There are too many calories.  I've been trying an online journal, but once I get home, it's done.  I know I'm a food addict.  All of the signs are there. The more stress I feel, the more I eat. It's just insane.  I found some Overeaters Anonymous podcasts and I could really relate.  I've known for a while that alone I really am not in control.  I am also understanding why some people attain lifetime in Weight Watchers, but keep that yo-yo cycle and keep returning.  Everytime I return I hear those same stories from people who didn't quite make it to lifetime or are lifetime members and have re-gained most or all of their weight. We are doing the best that we can, but we are trying to control something that we have cannot control. I'm not ready for the OA  meetings yet, but I know I'll have to do it.  If you like the show Intervention, stay tuned....

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