Monday, November 15, 2010

Off course, of course

I am off track--again!! My weight went up a little a couple of weeks ago and is slowly going down, but I still know I'm off-track and "out of sorts". I haven't adjusted to working two jobs. Part (probably MOST) of  my issue is stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, all of the above.  Job #2 involves physical labor and I'm on my feet the entire time so when I'm not working I just sit. I am tired--yes I know I should go to bed earlier, but by the time my head hits the pillow I am asleep. Last week I couldn't even make myself do my T-workout.  I never miss that unless I'm at work!   I did walk my 5K Sunday. (See gorgeous sunset shown above!) Tomorrow I have to do my T-workout or walk some at lunch.  I really miss Zumba!

I also don't have the food thing down yet.  I eat on the way to the second job.  I'm getting tired of the PB on Ezekiel bread and an apple or banana so I need to re-group on that also. Then, of course, I eat when I get home.  The past week it has been a heavier meal than usual.  Then I didn't prepare my meals ahead and ate lunch out several days last week. Then we ate out both Saturday and Sunday.  It was the fabulous Gazeebo burger turkey burger (with avocado, mushrooms--no mayo) and (bad-girl) french fries on Saturday and Sunday it was Cantina Laredo with the warm salsa and chips. I ordered the Enchilada Veracruz stuffed with chicken, spinach and monterey jack cheese topped with tomatillo sauce, vinaigrette marinated vegetables, and cotija cheese--yummy.

So the shopping is done and there are healthy choices in the house.  Wednesday is a holiday potluck so I'm working on my plan for the week.  I'm taking the Sweet Pumpkin Polenta to the potluck!

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