Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Caching Up

I am so far behind on everything.  Working a second job took a definite toll on me and my home.  I haven't been able to adequately plan and cook meals and I have been too exhausted to exercise.  We won't even discuss the house. My husband tried to help, but women can see all of the dust and lack of order.  (He even learned to clean toilets and run a Swiffer!) My bank account is no fatter either.  Working late nights and rushing from one job to the next encouraged the awful fast food habit and there was no time to do any of the things that I always did to save money.  I no longer clipped coupons or even loaded my Kroger card online.  I hardly ever cooked so there was always a need to stop and pick up a burger or Chick-fil-a. I won't even talk about how many times I had to "hop on the tollway".  Now that we have two full-time employed adults here, I realized that I was ripping, running, and exhausted for nothing.  So the second job is done, finished, I quit.

Now I have to get a routine going again.  I have to plan meals and get this house in shape. I have a huge job ahead of me.  Guess it's time to read my Fly-Lady e-mails and try out more of Rocco's recipes.  I'll keep y'all posted.  (Yes, I'm behind on blogging too!)

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