Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

I have lost 2.2 lbs since Monday! I really got with it. I am journaling religiously, making sure that I get in my workouts and drinking the water. I am really hitting the water. Our new Shrinkvivor challenges continue the water, log the time spent on workouts (works better for me than miles), and no fast food. This will be easy for me. I don't "run through the drive-thru" very often.

I am struggling with the "eat clean" vs convenience foods (Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, etc.). I can control the portions if I use the frozen meals for some of my breakfasts and lunches. They do have to be supplemented with extra veggies or fruit. I will still opt for whole grains, no HCFS or "corn sugar or whatever they have decided to call it these days. My other problem is artificial sweeteners. I am trying to limit them but I do have a sweet tooth. If I want to share baked goodies with my family I use Splenda Sugar Blend or Splenda Brown Sugar Blend.

I made an appointment with a Registered Dietitian. I am so excited. I am fairly knowledgeable about nutrition but there is always more to learn, especially when you can have a free consultation with a professional. In the past it has been easier to drop the weight, but this time I am really struggling so her input will be invaluable. Here's the link to the website where you can locate a dietitian and print a certificate for a free consultation.

I didn't wait until Thursday to start my challenge. Tonight was 15min of circuits to get warmed up then 30min on the dreadmill. That's it! I'm off to the showers and bed.


  1. Good job on the loss. looks like you're doing a great job.

  2. You are doing a wonderful job, YAY for -2lbs! WTG!!