Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Become My Mother

There is usually at least on thing every day that makes me say, "I have become my mother." Usually it's cooking late at night or just staying up late, or making a song out of any sentence or even, or asking my hubby if he's going to eat veggies today. This time it was the phrase, "They have just run out." In other words, they have just run out of something to do. Lady Gaga caused me to say it this time.

First there was the meat outfit. OK. I get it. You're an artist. You want to wow us with your insane creativity, even though most of us are repulsed by the thought of your wearing flank steak on your head. If I close my eyes and listen to your voice maybe I can get rid of the meat-dress visual and let that gross moment slide.

The straw that broke the camel's back (there she goes again...) was this outfit she wore to LAX. Yes, LAX, the airport.
Is she totally insane? A bra and panties with fishnets over them and a belt with handcuffs. Finish it off with a tiny jacket half-on and insane shoes and voila! you're ready to go. Can you imagine traveling with your child and having to explain that outfit? I also cannot imagine dressing that scantily and sitting on a seat where thousands of others have sat or sitting in that seat after her. OMG!!!!! That is just gross.

A lot of parents are exposing (seriously) their children to any artist, music, or movie. Are you ready to see your daughter stroll around in that outfit? Think about it. Take the time to screen your children's music, videos, games, movies, and internet. Then screen your own. As adults, what influences are we inadvertently exposing children to? Our children, teenagers included, are sponges and we are responsible for whatever they absorb.

OK. I'm done. Should I break into song now or send that girl a pound cake? She could gain a couple of pounds.

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  1. I don't really know who she is. I've never heard any of her music and this was the first pic that I've ever seen of her. What's wrong with her? That's beyond fashion. Why would anyone in their right mind wear that?