Friday, August 6, 2010

Still Struggling

I am still struggling. I just can't control the food. This is totally insane. I have all of the tools but I just cannot get the job done.
I reviewed some of my old Weight Watchers journals. I lost weight but I ate too much junk and processed foods. Now I am trying to eat healthier but I am eating too much. Yes, you can get fat on "healthy food". If I can just integrate my healthier approach into my points and not be hungry all of the time, I'll be successful.
Of course, I am also frustrated because I have lost so much ground; not just with my weight but with my endurance. I am not as fit as I was a year ago and it really bugs me. I don't even think I am as fit as I was this past spring. Every time I tried to increase my intensity I either got sick or suffered an injury.
Hopefully, writing more will help and I am keeping a food journal again so wish me luck!

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  1. Hang in there and Good luck! I'm going through a similar situation so I know where you're coming from. One thing that is working for me is staying present. I can't continue beating myself up about what I was able to achieve (or didn't achieve) in the past.

    I just started a food journal this month. I hate it but doing so is teaching me a lot I did not realize about food and my eating habits.