Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's My Job

This morning I had a chance to reflect on several people who made a difference in my life. Family, friends, preachers, teachers who sometimes said or did the smallest things, made a difference and I carry those things forever. Maybe it was a "don't do that" or a "this is what you should do", or even "that look" across the room. At times it was a gift or loaning something to me until my parents could afford the item I needed. I had the best "hand-me-downs" a girl (and even an adult) could ask for. At other times, it was a chance or a second start. God knows I've needed second, third, and I'll just stop counting chances. 

I only hope that I can do the same.  It's the one way that I can attempt to adequately say, "Thank You". It's not always easy. Actually, the gift giving and the little acts of kindness are fun and easy. Whatever you have is a gift anyway. 

The advice, the "don't do that" part is more difficult. I'm not perfect, that's how I learned this. The older I get, the less I hold back. I'm sure it causes resentment, but I would be remiss if I didn't share what I've learned through my life experiences as those before me have done. If only I had listened....

Before my late Mother passed away, we were having a big laugh about her knowing everything and generally being in my business when I was growing up. Her reply was, "That's my job". So when I re-gift whether its a treat, a hug, a word of wisdom, or I'm just "telling you like it is" remember, "That's my job". 

How many people helped mold you? Are you sharing your gifts and your life lessons or are you being complacent? Are you doing your job? Make a difference, be an influence. 


  1. I like this blog! I tell the people that I love, the things that I feel is necessary for them to know to keep them from experiencing pain or hard times. I wish I would have listened to the people that tried to make my life easier and I wish that the people that I would have listened to would have told me what I needed to hear too. (Hope you can understand that)But I think if I know there is a pit bull around the is my obligation to let my love ones know to keep them safe. Now if they go anyway I would feel bad if something happens. But I would feel worse if I never told them. I had to put Anonymous so that it would post, but it's me cuzn....Pat....<3