Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Love

Here we are at Easter. Do you remember those days?

 From Christ in Poetry by Thomas Curtis Clark and Hazel Davis Clark
I had to memorize a speech to be recited on Easter Sunday. In front of everyone. In my itchy, frilly, cute dress. Yes, there were meltdowns, but it made for some nice memories and a commitment to my spiritual future.

Now I have a question for you. Where's the candy? Remove it from the house, your desk, your purse. It's trouble for chocoholics. We just can't stop. Even when we know it will spike our blood sugars, make us hyper, make us irritable, cause tummy upset, we still can't stop. And no, don't hit the after-Easter markdown bins. Who needs a stockpile of chocolate in the house, even if it's in the freezer?

Instead, let's enjoy the holiday. After all, Easter is truly about love, more than any other day. Save those calories for a great meal with your family. It will give you more fulfillment than chocolate ever could.

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