Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Terror of Halloween

I had intended to post before now, but I've done everything but that.  I've been journaling my food and trying to squeeze in my exercise and get in bed a little earlier.  Some days are more successful than others, but that's life.

Last week was a challenge.  Halloween was full of sweet treats. By the end of the evening, I only had ten pieces of candy that had not been given out to the little gremlins.  Even though most of my candy was chocolate, I did NOT eat any! The remnants were consumed by my little neighborhood girls when they came to visit my dog the next day.  (Yes, my dog gets visitors; but that's another post.)

The bigger challenge was the potluck at the office.  I had a plan.  I took my own breakfast and snacks and I would eat the meat, fruit and veggies from the potluck. The dish that I prepared was a low fat pumpkin bread recipe from Skinnytaste.

Things went well until the slow-cookers arrived bringing meatballs and little smokies to simmer all day, filling the office with the aroma of sweet, yummy barbecue sauce.  Can you tell that I was just about to lose my mind?   I had a healthy snack, but I was drooling like a dog waiting for a treat. I even put my goal weight on a sticky note. It is still on my monitor.  Finally, I gave in and made a plate with a few meatballs and some fruit.  I knew that I had to run an errand at lunch and I had wisely packed my gym bag; so off to the gym I went.

I made a list of the things at the potluck.  More than willpower enabled me to navigate this:

Meat and cheese tray
2 creamy dips
BBQ meatballs
Lil smokies
Chips,Chips, Chips (So many chips that there is still an unopened bag)
Cookies--those soft iced ones.......
Fudge (There are still a few pieces lurking around)
My pumpkin bread
Fruit tray with some dip in the middle
Veggie tray with of course, ranch in the middle

Can you imagine?  

Even with all of this, I'm down nine pounds. Yippee!!!

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