Friday, June 11, 2010

Never again

I am done with Albertsons. It is a joke. Now I understand why there are only a few Albertsons stores left in DFW.

I decided to “run to Albertsons” on my lunch break. Yes, I know that was my first mistake. They had one the Michelina’s Lean Gourmet frozen dinners on sale. The pepperoni pizza rolls are a great substitution for a couple of slices of pizza. There was an in-store coupon in their sale paper that brought the price to 69 cents each. That’s worth the short trip (maybe a mile).

Problem #1. Of course when I arrived they did not all most of the Lean Gourmet varieties. I should have known better. Albertson stores are smaller and just don’t have the same selection. (Isn’t the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result?) Of course there was only one of the prized pizza rolls left. Not to be deterred, I grabbed that one and a couple of others that would make a decent lunch.

Problem #2. Why oh why did I decide to not stand in the one open line behind three other people? Oh no, I can check my self out. Don’t do it!!!! In most other stores this works but in Albertsons it just doesn’t cut it. First of all, once they installed the self-check-out stations they would only staff one manned checkout lane.

Problem #3. The coupon. First of all, the coupon has to be scanned multiple times if more than one of the item is purchased. Do you think the computer will appreciate that?

Second the coupon has to be handed to the attendant. Under normal circumstances that works. Today it was a recipe for disaster, which brings us to problem #4.

Problem #4. Since the coupon use was a disaster, the attendant was literally scanning another customer’s groceries and struggling with the whole coupon disaster. I tried to be patient even with the scanner continuously stating that I needed to give my coupon to the attendant. Finally the NCR person that was trying to fix another scanner asked the other loitering employees to help me. Of course, no one could do that. Finally someone re-set it but he could not help me with the coupon issue. That’s when I threatened to just go back to work and leave the groceries there. Yes, right there thawing… Finally someone who could assist me with the coupons arrived but wait…there is yet another problem to deal with.

Problem #5. The coupon only works for “selected varieties”. I accept that except please let someone know which varieties are acceptable! The employee finally said that it worked for two items just pick two and we’ll call it done.

So I left Albertson’s for the last time today. Minus a lunch break and minus $2.72. Yes folks, that’s it. After all of that I only spent $2.72. I have two Michelina Lean Gourmet entrees and a few Pink Lady apples (They were $1.00 per pound). Now I need medication and I didn’t even buy chocolate!

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